Dr. Teresa Williams, Psy D


Becoming a clinical psychologist has been both a personal and professional journey. Through healing myself, I have wanted to heal others. In particular, I want to help those who have been oppressed, underserved, and have lacked access to the help they needed. Years after completing my undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, I was employed as a Senior Purchasing Agent for a large electronic firm in Illinois. Although I was promoted and earned a respectable income, I was unfulfilled in the profit driven corporate culture. Six years out of college, I returned to Northwestern to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I then went on to complete a doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. 

Through various training experiences along with excellent supervision, my primary areas of expertise became women’s issues, relationship issues, specifically Narcissistic abuse, cultural identity, depression, trauma or abuse, and family of origin issues such as adoption, divorce, abandonment, or motherless and fatherless individuals. I have worked with adolescents in two college settings and with families at the Department of Social Services in Chicago. I have a strong desire to work with people of color, particularly Latinos or African-Americans. When needed, I am available to perform psychological evaluations for diagnostic clarification. 

My primary approach to therapy is Cognitive Behavioral which has been empirically validated for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have been trained in Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is my approach for women with a history of complex trauma. For survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, there is a self-healing model with a group therapy complement that utilizes a trauma healing perspective. For cultural identify development, there are models available in the literature that are also responsive to a directive, cognitive behavioral approach.