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A TNRC Saturday seminar about masculinity.  

The Big Three questions

It does not mattered if you just started your relationship or have been married for years the big three questions can change your relationship for the better.  

Unconditional positive Regard

Unconditional Positive Regard is a way of looking at others with love, regardless of what they believe or how they act.  

Understanding your spouse

This is a proven technique to help those with intimacy anorexia give support to their spouses.  It is also used very often in marriage counseling.  

Intimacy Anorexia

Intimacy Anorexia is the withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy from your spouse or long term relationship.  Please call The Next Right Choice if you believe you are in a relationship with someone who has Intimacy Anorexia, there is hope!

Spouse of Intimacy Anorexia

Being married to someone who has Intimacy Anorexia can make you feel so alone. If this is you please reach out to The Next Right Choice, we have proven techniques to help you.  

Blended Families

Family is difficult by its self.  If you part of a blended family you will have extra stress to deal with.  The Next Right Choice has helped blended families work together and find harmony!  

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